Moonstone Fertility Bracelets

Moonstone fertility bracelets represent the perfect purchase for or gift to the woman who hopes to become pregnant.

Rich in legend, dazzling in their appearance and shining in color, moonstone has never wavered throughout the ages in its promise to increase fertility in a woman. Even today, women have shared stories of how the inclusion of moonstone in fertility bracelets has improved their lives in areas that include:

  • How the precious gemstone not only raised fertility levels in their body, but also brought about healing throughout their system
  • The power of stones included in moonstone fertility bracelets in helping them following a miscarriage or problems after previous pregnancies

And how do women recognize these gifts that moonstones can bring? The answer is recognized through a belief in the power moonstone have in harnessing the power of the heavens to make a woman pregnant. This power is said to be a result of its conception from the beams of the moon.

Diverse cultures across the ages have long looked to moonstone as a gemstone that not only brings fertility to a woman, but also eroticism to her life. This elevated fertility can not only make her more fertile, but also create an increased desire for love-making in both her and the partners she hopes to conceive with.

And no single moonstone commands greater authority than the one a woman personally selects for her jewelry. These gorgeous gems can be found in a breath-taking spectrum of colors that include pink, blue, green, white, brown and gray. Additionally, a woman might incorporate different colored moonstones in her bracelet.

Along with the sparkling colors included in moonstone fertility bracelets, the jewelry can also pay homage to the various wildlife and fertility gods/goddesses that are respected for bringing increased fertility to a woman’s body. These might be included as charms or trinkets included in the bracelet.

Wildlife such as fish, rabbits, geese, rabbits, cats and other animals have demonstrated fertility in their lives and their symbolism can bring the same fruitfulness to a woman hoping to become pregnant. The goddesses symbolized in fertility bracelets also command authority to help women conceive.

What form will a woman’s fertility bracelet take? The answer can be as different as the many women who wear the jewelry. But this much is certain, moonstone fertility bracelets will always deliver on their pledge to bring a baby into a woman’s life.



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